Foot & Ankle Surgery in Chicago, IL

normal foot and foot with a bunionFind Bunion and Hammertoes Repair in Chicago, IL

Bunion and Hammertoes are two common foot conditions that should be treated carefully. Otherwise, it can lead to many other foot and ankle problems.

If you suspect you have a bunion and/or hammertoes, here are some signs:

-Severe arching or pain in your big toe, or any of the lesser toes that prevents you from performing daily activities

-Broken or irritated or thickened skin on your big toe or on top of other lesser toes that is accompanied by uncomfortable swelling

-Your second toe is beginning to be overlapping or under lapping by your big toe, and the crawling of other lesser toes

-Swelling on your big toe joint and pain with movement of the joint.toe curling

-Painful movement of some or all of the lesser toe joints.

-Your most comfortable shoe begin to change shapes with the top bulging up and the side bulging out.

If you have any of the symptoms or unsure you have bunion and/or hammertoes conditions, now is the time to contact Dr. Barnett Fung and erase the discomfort with the services he can provides.  Eliminate pain associated with bunion and hammertoes and other foot-related medical problems at the soonest possible time.

Laser Fungal Nail Treatment in Chicago, IL

laser fungal nailIf you are suffering from thickened, discolorated, hard to cut nails of the feet, you may have fungus infections in your nails. If left untreated it can spread to other foot and toes, to your partners, and to family members possibly. There are treatment options available including the use of latest medical technology of laser for fungal nails.  The use of laser is painless, fast, convenience and effective. Come to the offices of Commonwealth foot ankle for a consultation to see if that is the right thing for your fungal nails condition.

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